Local Statement by European Union Heads of Missions and the Ambassador of Norway on the Political Agreement

The EU Delegation, in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission based in Kabul and the Ambassador of Norway, welcomes that President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah on 17 May 2020 succeeded to finally overcome the political impasse in Kabul, which has been impeding an effective government and the necessary preparations for Intra Afghan Peace Negotiations.

| Published by: Elisabeth Wemberg

Unity is necessary while the country is confronted with challenges of gigantic proportions: a fast degrading security situation, the impact of Covid-19 and increased poverty. Starting inclusive and representative Intra Afghan Peace Negotiations cannot wait. The Government and State institutions President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah agreed upon should therefore become operational as a matter of urgency and all parties should demonstrate their commitment to implementing the Agreement in good faith.

These institutions have to provide the services Afghan citizens need, create the foundation for necessary economic development and build a framework conducive for the pursuit of peace. We thus expect all related appointments, future policies and official interventions to be guided by and consistent with good governance, the rule of law, accountability and respect for human rights. In this regard, it is also crucial that the rights of women, notably their political empowerment and full participation in the agreed structures, are guaranteed and further developed.

Progress achieved in these fields as well as in the struggle against terrorist groups, trafficking of narcotics and all other illegal networks will be measured in the run-up to the pledging conference due to take place in November 2020 in Geneva.