Norway’s statement on the announcement of the election result in Afghanistan’s Presidential Election

| Published by: Elisabeth Wemberg

The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan announced the final results of the 2019 presidential Election on 18 February 2020, declaring President Ashraf Ghani the winner with 50.6% of the votes.

Norway notes the announcement and looks forward to a constructive engagement with President Ashraf Ghani and his administration and other political leaders in the pursuit of peace, stability and development in Afghanistan.

Norway has consistently stressed the importance of a fair, credible and transparent election process, in accordance with Afghan laws and regulations. Afghan voters who participated in the elections at great risk deserve no less. We encourage the electoral bodies to explain the decisions taken, in order to address the candidates’ understandable desire for clarity.

Unity among Afghan political leaders is a prerequisite for a successful peace process. We therefore look with particular concern at initiatives that risk further dividing the country at a time when such unity is needed. There can only be one Afghan government. We continue to urge Afghan political leaders to come together to grasp the valuable opportunity that they now have to further the cause of peace.

The conflict in Afghanistan requires a political solution in which human rights are respected and common grievances are addressed. We stress the importance of an inclusive peace process where the interests of all Afghans are represented.