Ambassador Skåre visiting female students in Herat

Photo: UNICEF Afghanistan/2016/Mehraeen

Norway’s Ambassador to Afghanistan Mari Skåre visited Herat 22 – 24 November 2016 to learn more about UNICEF’s important work in the province. She also visited two schools.

Skåre was welcomed at both Shaidayee and Tajrabavi High Schools, where she had the opportunity to talk with the students and learn about their dreams and aspirations.

Sonam is 16 years old and a student at Shaidayee High School in Herat. She wants to be a lawyer one day and listens intently to Skåre’s message. “Do you know how important you are? You must promise me to stay in school. You must never give up your dreams!”

Shokria is an 18 year old girl in Shaidayee High School in Herat. “Sometimes I don’t feel like I will fulfil my goal of becoming a doctor,” she says. “My parents told me that as a woman I should just get married and leave school. I am married now, but I am still in school. I have heard her message and feel hopeful and determined. As Afghan girls we have to struggle to stand-up for our dreams.”

“There is an international law that guarantees your right to education. We know that sometimes this is not respected, but Norway in partnership with your Government, is working together to make sure you have access to this right” Skåre said.

Skåre also visited Herat University, where 60 per cent of the student body of 16000 are girls. Being a lawyer herself, Skåre especially enjoyed the conversation with law students.

Skåre expressed her deep appreciation to UNICEF for arranging the visit, and the strong partnership between UNICEF and Norway