Endring i reiseråd for Afghanistan

Utenriksdepartementet fraråder alle reiser til Afghanistan og oppfordrer norske borgere til å forlate landet.

Instruction on transfer to Norway of former local employees of Norwegian authorities in Afghanistan

Norway has had several schemes allowing locally employed staff of Norwegian authorities in Afghanistan resettlement to Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security has now given a new instruction allowing certain categories of former local employees to apply for relocation to Norway provided that they meet the conditions of the scheme.

Change in the travel advice for Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is advising against all travel to Afghanistan and urges all Norwegian citizens in Afghanistan to leave the country.

تغی ریات د ر توصیه های سفر به افغانستان

وزارت امور خارجه ناروی توصیه می کند که از هر گونه سفر به افغانستان خودداری گردد و به اطلاع همه اتباع نارویژی رسانیده می شود که به نسبت افزایش خطرات امنیتی هر چه زدوتر خاک این کشور را ترک نمایند.

GI-04/2021 - Resettlement to Norway

Local personnel employed by the Armed Forces or the Norwegian Embassy in Afghanistan at the conclusion of the Resolute Support Mission (RSM)

UN Women and AIHRC

Cease Fire, Seize Peace

Statement by the Foreign Ministers of Germany, Indonesia, Norway, Uzbekistan, and Qatar on Eid al-Fitr ceasefire announcements in Afghanistan

Our five countries warmly welcome the announcements by the Afghan government and the Taliban of a ceasefire during the festival Eid al-Fitr. We wish all Afghans a joyful and blessed Eid.

Equality for Peace and Democracy (EPD)

National Conference on Engagement of Women in Peace Process of Afghanistan.                  16 and 17th December

Speech at the Launch of Review of National Strategy for Combating Corruption Report on the Occasion of International Anti-Corruption Day

Wednesday, December 9, 2020, Serena Hotel, Kabul

Local Statement by European Union Heads of Missions and the Ambassador of Norway on the Political Agreement

The EU Delegation, in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission based in Kabul and the Ambassador of Norway, welcomes that President Ghani and Dr. Abdullah on 17 May 2020 succeeded to finally overcome the political impasse in Kabul, which has been impeding an effective government and the necessary preparations for Intra Afghan Peace Negotiations.

Informasjon til norske borgere i Afghanistan

Den norske ambassaden i Kabul mottar henvendelser fra norske statsborgere og personer med oppholdstillatelse i Norge som ønsker hjelp til å returnere til Norge. Ambassaden følger kontinuerlig med på forskjellige initiativer som tas med tanke på en slik mulighet, men per i dag finnes det ingen kommersielle flygninger som kan ta med sivile.

Nye tiltak for å unngå koronasmitte/New travel measures

Regjeringen har fattet en rekke nye tiltak for å hindre koronaspredning. New measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

Norway’s statement on the announcement of the election result in Afghanistan’s Presidential Election

20th Anniversary of the Mine Ban Convention

The Royal Norwegian Embassy had this spring the honour to host Halo Trust and distinguished guests to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Mine Ban Convention.

Afghan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP) – formal launch Kabul 16 September 2020

Organization for Policy Research and Development Studies (DROPS) and Norwegian Embassy - Joint Launch of 6th Vol of DROPS- WPPJ

Key Note Speech for Ambassador Ole Andreas Lindeman 20th December 2020

Solidarity Dialogue between Male and Female Ulama in Promoting Mediation, Coexistence & Tolerance

Key Note Speech for Ambassador Ole Andreas Lindeman