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Our Ocean - Photo:Our Ocean
Our Ocean

Our Ocean Conference in Oslo

Our future depends on a clean and healthy ocean, where protection and sustainable use go hand in hand.

The ocean is under threat from the effects of climate change, pollution, loss of biodiversity and unsustainable use. Safeguarding the ocean for future generations is a shared responsibility and a matter of global urgency.

The Our Ocean Conference 2019, which took place 23-24 October in Oslo, highlighted the importance of knowledge as the basis of our actions and policies to ensure protection of our ocean, responsible management of marine resources and sustainable future economic growth.

"The world is facing major challenges, and in the future there will be a need for more food, more jobs, more energy and more transport. The ocean holds the key to solving many of these challenges, but can only do so if we ensure that it is clean, healthy and productive", says Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Read more here.