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Oslo Innovation Week 2020

Oslo Innovation Week - It's time to build!

We all need to build. Some build physically, others virtually. Innovation never stops, and this year Oslo Innovation Week is bringing it to you, wherever you are - Oslo Innovation Week is going digital!

You could be a founder building a growth company or an investor building a green tech portfolio. Maybe you are a city planner looking for solutions that will create a greener, more inclusive city or a programmer building a cutting edge software. It's important to remember what we have built in the past, but we must also look forward. What do we need to build a better world? How will the future of AI, robotics and space impact our lives? Where will the next pandemic vaccine be created?

Oslo Innovation Week 2020 will provide a platform to answer and discuss these big questions through global digital collaboration.This year you can explore these issues from the comfort of your own home.

You can join over 60 digital events discussing topics like Circular Economy, Clean Energy, Future of Work and Startup. The events are organized by companies like Antler, ICT Norway, Energy Valley, Cisco and Norway Health Tech. 98% of the events are free.


It's time to build

Welcome to Oslo Innovation Week 2020, 21-25 September

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About Oslo Innovation Week
Oslo Innovation Week brings forward new voices and innovation in action. Oslo Innovation Week highlights bold solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Oslo Innovation Week is owned by the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, project manager is Oslo Business Region and supported by Oslo Region Alliance. The events are organized in collaboration with over 100 local and international businesses.